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eam Rider
1. Where were you born, and what year?
Rockaway Beach in 1983

2. Where do you live now and what is it like?
Rockaway Beach and it is changing fast

3. When & where did you start surfing & who influenced you to do so?
Started in Rockaway standing up on my sponge around 7, but didn't get a real board until I was 11 or 12.  The kids on my block were all starting to surf so that was a big influence and I always looked up to Berto Carbonell, Richie Allen, Dennis Farrell, Peter Egan because they charged 91st on the biggest days. I always wanted to be a charger like them when I grew up.  

4. What was your first board?
5'6" Rainbow quad pintail with only two side bite fins left intact, but I was probably like 100 lbs so it worked.

5. Who do you admire most in all of surfing?
Andy Irons

6. What are some of your favorites? (color, food, drink, book, movie, musician, artist)
Color: Blue
Food: Italian
Drink: Heineken
Book: Into Thin Air
Music: Rock, Punk, Rap

7. What's your most memorable surfing moment to this day in your life.
First surf trip to Peru when I was 16 because it opened my eyes to the world of travelling and experiencing cultures.

8. What is one of your most proud moments and why?
Going back to finish college because everyone thought I wouldn't

9. What are the goals you are still working toward?
Livng somewhere warmer than NY with better waves.

10. What do you want more than anything out of your love for surfing?
All I want is to get barrelled.....
Jeff Anthony