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eam Rider
1. Where were you born, and what year?
Born in Queens, NY, October 12th, 1960

2. Where do you live now and what is it like?
New York and Long Island has been my home my whole life! I am a New Yorker through and through, my family has been here for generations. To me, in spite of the inconsistent surf, there's no place I'd rather be than right here, dead center of 247 miles of coastline stretching from Montauk to Wildwood.

3. When & where did you start surfing & who influenced you to do so?
Began surfing as a 12 year old with my friends by "borrowing" our older brother's longboards from under the bungalows of Breezy Point, when the weren't looking. Got our butts kicked pretty good for it a couple of times, but it was soooo worth it. Def influenced by those guys. They were like gods back then - so much older than us, being 17 and 18 and surrounded by girls, with the heavy influence of skateboarding from the dogtown boys already beginning to show up in them and their surfing style. And then there were the occasional glimpses of another god - Ricky Rasmussen, who was always rumored to be surfing nearby. I didnt know it at the time, but the revolution was underway, and it was a classic circle: My local idols were being influenced by Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva, more and more bringing their skateboarding style into their surfing, and Adams, Peralta, Alva and the rest of the Z-Boys had done the same in reverse, borrowing and incorporating the brilliant surfing style of Larry Bertelmann into their skating! Everyone was feeding off each other, and everything was being pushed to new levels. A great time, for sure.

4. What was your first board?
Yack. Who knows. It was a beater that I bought off my brother for $10, although I'm not sure I actually paid him. It was a single fin shortboard, and fat as hell. I loved that board, even if I couldnt surf it for crap!

5. Who do you admire most in all of surfing?
Wow, such a broad question. Locally, I have a lot of heroes. Ed Fawess and Alex Karinsky come to mind first, both of whom have taught me more about surfing than they will ever know. I'm fortunate to get to watch them surf fairly regularly, and study them both constantly. I never ever leave without feeling I've learned something, and certainly without marveling at the seemingly effortlessness and flawlessness they each display.

6. What are some of your favorites? (color, food, drink, book, movie, musician, artist)
Music? Give me some old Springsteen bootlegs and I'm a happy guy, but there's also a decent amount of time listening to Sirius Alt Nation 21. Currently amonsgt my favs? The Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket, and even Modest Mouse. Don't get to the movies too often, but when I do, i want to laugh. Food and drink? Sure, why not. as long as the drink doesnt interfere with surf the next day.

7. What's your most memorable surfing moment to this day in your life.
Sitting in the lineup, watching from behind as my son drops into his first barrel. Absolutely priceless, and burned in my memory.

8. What is one of your most proud moments and why?
Wedding day, and the birth of both of my kids. Three miracles.

9. What are the goals you are still working toward?
Damn, I just want to surf better. Part of the passion for me is that it's the never ending learning curve. There isnt a single aspect of my surfing that I can't improve. And I'll gladly work on it all, every chance I get.

10. What do you want more than anything out of your love for surfing?
What do I want? I guess I kind of feel like it needs to be the other way around - what is it that I can give back?! This thing we call surfing has given me more friends and more good times than I could ever repay. Surfing is in my soul. All I could ever hope for is more of the same, and find some way to pay it forward and help others get the most out of this way of life that has given me so much.
Will Hallett